Selected Collections

    Antonia von Salm Collection, New York/Los Angles, California

    Benjamin Bruce Collection, Key West, Florida

    Dennis Hopper Collection, Santa Monica, California/Taos, New Mexico

    Eric Larson Collection, Taos, New Mexico

    Cherie Burns, Dick Duncan, Collection, Nantucket,Massachusetts /Taos, New Mexico

    Arturo Peralta and Jackie Ramos Collection, New York, New York

    Daniel F. Gerber Collection, Santa Ynez, California

    Daniel Morris Collection, New York, New York

    Ray and Arlene Frodey Collection, Fremont, Michigan

    Hank and Liesle Meijer Collection, Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Harry and Piper Goldson, Collection, Suttons Bay, Michigan

    David Brown Collection, Glasgow, Scotland

    David and Jan Crosby Collection, Santa Barbara, California

    Dean Stockwell Collection, Taos, New Mexico

    De Pauw University, Greencastle, Indiana

    Jacquline Lloyd Collection, Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Dharma Properties Collection, Del Rey Beach, Florida

    The Harwood Museum of Art, Taos, New Mexico

    Jim and Linda Harrison Collection, Livingston, Montana

    Barry and Jo Berkus Collection, Santa Barbara, California

    Larry Bell Collection, Taos, New Mexico/ Venice Beach, California

    Laurel Jacobson Collection, Antigua, Guatemala

    Mel Wiener and Pamela Cooke Collection, Los Angeles, California

    Michael Brown Collection (SERAC Films) Boulder, Colorado

    Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon, Michigan

    Neil Libert Private Collection, London England

    Frank and Patricia Goss Collection, Santa Barbara, California

    Peter & Madeline Martin Foundation for the Creative Arts, San Francisco, California

    Richad B. Siegel Collection, San Diego, California

    Tom and Lynn Meredith Collection, Austin, Texas

    Thomas Richardson Collection, San Diego, California

    Tim Allan Collection, Los Angeles, California

    Johnathan Williams and Thomas Meyer Collection, Corn Close, North Cumbria, England